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About Us

The Calumet City Chamber of Commerce was established in 1936 and has served the community since that time - as an organization of business owners and entrepreneurs who promote the interests of the local business community.  The Chamber is a voluntary partnership of local businesses and professionals working together to help build a healthy economy and improve the quality of life for those who live and work within Calumet City.

There is a long history of the Chamber movement that can be traced back to 1599, when the term “Chamber of Commerce” appeared for the first time, in Marseille France.  In the United States, the first local chamber was founded in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1773. This was followed by one in New Haven, Connecticut, and then another in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1800. The trend rapidly spread across the country. By 1870 there were forty local chambers of commerce in the United States.

Then later, the Chamber of Commerce of the United States, “a national federation working for good citizenship, good government, and good business,” was founded in 1912.  In the late 20th century its membership comprised more than 40,000 business members and more than 4,000 organization members including the trades.

Today, Chambers of Commerce exist all over the world and are incredible organizations.  Learn how absolutely incredible the New Calumet City Chamber has become, and how it serves its member businesses that serve the community.